(Book Review) A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller reviews Free PDF Download

A working heart pdf rob delaney: Hello friends, now we’re going to share with you Rob Delaney’s recently released book, which was launched on November 29, 2022. The title of the book is A Heart That Works, and it is due to be published on November 29, 2022.

Rob Delaney is a comedian who authored this book while travelling from London to Edinburgh. So, in this section, we will share with you the synopsis of Rob Delaney’s A Heart That Works. A visceral and intensely intimate biography about love, loss, and parenting by the star of the Amazon Prime comedy Catastrophe.

(Book Review) A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller reviews Free PDF Download
(Book Review) A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller reviews Free PDF Download

Book Review A Heart That Works Rob Delaney

As many books as I’ve read on the topic of grief/loss/death of a loved one, this one is truly unique. The way it brings the reader along for the entire ride this family endured is so touching and heartening.

Delaney generously shares such an unflinching view of one family’s experience of the death of a child that one cannot help but be changed by witnessing it. It’s a book that will help those who are grieving and those who know someone who is grieving. -Hemant Singh

As a pediatric hospital chaplain, I frequently see and hear stories akin to this one about Henry. The words of this book is what parents and loved ones often wish they could say but fear they will be misheard, misunderstood, and simply… missed. Delaney writes with raw honesty that ultimately invites the reader to wrestle with their own mortality by bearing witness and bearing with the mortality of others. He is assertive in sharing from his own experience what this grief is like, challenging the reader to contemplate how they can extend real and honest care to people who need someone to acknowledge the reality of their devastating loss.

Laced throughout Rob’s pain is unmissable, adoring love for his son Henry. I loved reading how he described Henry using every sense. I finished the book feeling like I know Henry a teeny tiny bit, and I’m so grateful to Rob for sharing him with us.

Delaney has endured a tremendous loss, and at times I winced at the pain of his words. This book is a reminder that the very least we can offer is our attention. To see Rob, Henry, and their family. To recognize that a depth of love will be mirrored by cavernous grief. And to not run away from, but instead run toward people who are hurting and need to have their pain validated, their love realized, their babies remembered.

Rob, I hate that Henry died. I am so very sorry. The love you have for him poured out of every page. Thank you for sharing his story. I now carry him in my memories, too.

PS – I’ve worked for both the NHS and within the American Healthcare system and appreciate so much how this book articulates the difference between the systems as it affects people in their every day lives. The healthcare system in the US has massive emotional impacts on people’s health and I’ve struggled to articulate exactly why. Delaney captures it so well.

About a heart that works by rob delaney

Book NameA Heart That Works
AuthorRob delaney

Rob delaney a heart that works audiobook download

Unfortunately, after 2-year Henry died and his family fall away to reveal the things that matter most. 

This Rob Delaney memoir is full of profound, painful, full of emotion, and bracingly honest offers solace to those who have faced devastation and shows us how grace may appear even in hard times. 

It is a very inspirational and emotional story that will help you to overcome your pain, anger and support you build a beautiful life in the amidst of darkness. 

It is one of the must-read books of 2022 so if you have not yet got this book then follow the link below and get your copy.    

A Heart That Works Rob Delaney Free Pdf Download

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