PCM BANSAL Classes Module and All Sheets FOR IIT JEE Pdf Free Download 2023

[PDF] BANSAL Classes Physics Chemistry and Mathematics Module and All Sheets FOR IIT JEE Free Pdf Download: Bansal is the First IIT JEE Coaching Institute in Rajasthan Kota founded by Vinod Kumar Bansal.

He Graduated in Banaras Hindu University which is now called as IlT BHU, After his Graduation he moved to Rajasthan kota in aim to start a Coaching Classes for IIT JEE Aspirants, many of his students cleared IIT JEE.

therefore he founded Bansal Institute which is the first institite in Kota for IIT JEE Coaching. After few years, many institutes have been evolved in kota which is now the big competitors for Bansal Institute.

PCM BANSAL Classes Module and All Sheets FOR IIT JEE Pdf Free Download
PCM BANSAL Classes Module and All Sheets FOR IIT JEE Pdf Free Download

Still Bansal trying its best to produce Good Ranks and Results in IIT JEE. In this Tough Competition, Bansal Priorly Concentrated to Provide Best Study Modules for its students making it to be so helpful for IIT JEE Aspirants to Education Learn Academy.

Download Bansal Classes PCM Modules For JEE Mains & Advanced PDF Download

Searching for IIT JEE Bansal Classes Study Material Pdf ? If yes, then you are at perfect place.

Today we are sharing Complete Sheets and Modules of Bansal Classes for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in PDF book.

You can Download Bansal Classes Comprehensive Study Material for IIT JEE Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Pdf for Free. You need to just click on the download link and you will access all study note and material.

Modules of Bansal Classes Private Limited, Kota divided into 3 parts:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry and
  3. Mathematics (Maths)
Module/SheetDownload Link
Complete ModuleDownload
Physics ModuleDownload
Chemistry ModuleDownload
Math ModuleDownload

Just click on the download link and you will get everything in PDF format.


 01 – Logarithm  [BANSAL]Download PDF
02 – Trig Phase 1 (Compound Angles)  [BANSAL]Download PDF
03 – Progression_Series  [BANSAL]Download PDF
04 – Quadratic Equation  [BANSAL]Download PDF
05 – Trig Phase 2 (Trig Equations)  [BANSAL]Download PDF
06 – Solutions of Triangle  [BANSAL]Download PDF
07 – Binomial Theorem  [BANSAL]Download PDF
08 – P_C  [BANSAL]Download PDF
09 – Straight Line  [BANSAL]Download PDF
11 – Inverse Trig Functions  [BANSAL]Download PDF
12 – ITF  [BANSAL]Download PDF
13 – Determinant_Matrices  [BANSAL]Download PDF
 14 – Limit, Continuity and Differentiability  [BANSAL]Download PDF
15 – Methods of Differentiation  [BANSAL]Download PDF
16 – Indefinite Integration  [BANSAL]Download PDF
17 – Definite Integration  [BANSAL]Download PDF
18 – Application of Derivative  [BANSAL]Download PDF
19 – Area under curves  [BANSAL]Download PDF
20 – Differential Equation  [BANSAL]Download PDF
21 – Vector_3D  [BANSAL]Download PDF
22 – Probability  [BANSAL]Download PDF
 23 – Conic Sections  [BANSAL]Download PDF
24 – Complex Number  [BANSAL]Download PDF
25 – Relation, Mathematical Induction, Height _
Distance, Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning  [BANSAL]
Download PDF


It includes chapters on functions, limits, continuity, differentiability, and differentiation, application of derivatives, integration, definite integrals and differential equations. The calculus section covers around 1/3rd of the paper. Hence, you must be well-versed with every standard formula and concept used in calculus.


Coordinate Geometry

It is usually taught in high school as well, so students are already familiar with the basic concepts of the equation of a line, slope, etc. Solving plenty of problems from coordinate geometry is the key to scoring better in JEE.


Above all PCM modules are very important for JEE Main and Advanced Level examination.

Vectors and 3D Geometry

The knowledge of coordinate geometry portion makes the 3D geometry portion relatively easy. It’s primarily simply because JEE contains numerous problems about vectors that require standard formulae (as in the case of a parallelopiped, etc).


Algebra questions are a bit hard and most students struggle with the chapters on permutations and combinations and complex numbers. The chapter on complex numbers greatly depends on the coordinate geometry portion. At times, a hard question from complex numbers can be solved if one can smartly correlate it to a coordinate geometry problem.


Very few questions are purely based on trigonometry, but there are always questions that involve standard trigonometric identities. An important aspect of the JEE Mathematics preparation is memorizing standard formulae. Just make sure you are thorough with them to avoid last-minute anxiety.

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