Byju Social Science Notes For Class 10 Free Pdf Download

Byju Social Science Notes For Class 10: The Class 10 Board exam acts as a stepping stone for a glorious future in a student’s life. Students who are preparing for their upcoming Class 10 board exams must work hard with dedication to score better marks in the exam. So, to help them study effectively, we have provided Social Science CBSE Class 10 notes of all sub-subjects History, Geography, Political Science and Economics.

These notes will help students to score well in their Social Science exam. Students can quickly revise the entire NCERT Class 10 Social Science syllabus by going through these notes. Experts prepare these notes according to the latest guidelines and students can read the notes regularly to understand the concepts thoroughly.

These CBSE Class 10 notes of Social Science contain important topics so that students can go through it quickly, especially during the time of the exam. The notes are also written in an easy to understand language and will save valuable time as they will get a good idea about the flow of answers and other vital points.

In the table mentioned below, we have provided CBSE Class 10 Social Science notes of all sub-subjects History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Go through these notes and pass your exam with flying colours

Byju’s Social Science Notes For Class 10

Byju Social Science free pdf download
Byju Social Science free pdf download

History :

  1. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe
  2. Nationalism in India
  3. Making Of The Global World
  4. Age Of Industrialization
  5. The Print culture and Modern World

Political science

  1. Power Sharing
  2. Federalism
  3. Democracy and Diversity
  4. Gender , Religious and Caste
  5. Popular Struggle And Movement
  6. Political Party
  7. Outcomes Of Democracy
  8. Challenge To Democracy


  1. Development
  2. Sector In Indian Economy
  3. Money Mad Credit
  4. Globalization and The Indian Economy
  5. Consumer Right


  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and Wildlife resources
  3. Water Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Mineral and Energy Resources
  6. Manufacturing industry
  7. Lifeline of Indian Economy

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