CBSE CLASS 10 Science Chapterwise Previous Year Question Free Pdf Download

CBSE 10th SCIENCE : Chapter-Wise Previous Years Questions with Solutions: This article contains the latest 10th class chapter-wise previous year questions of Subject Science. PYQs help students in a better understanding of the syllabus and topics covered in the exam.

Solving these questions certainly helps in boosting confidence as the exam is just around the corner. Given below are the chapter name with their respective links containing questions and their solution:

CBSE CLASS 10 Science Chapterwise Previous Year Question Free Pdf Download
CBSE CLASS 10 Science Chapterwise Previous Year Question Free Pdf Download

Last year’s Wise Questions with Solutions are available here for all subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. All of the questions asked in previous tests are available in PDF format by Education Learn Junkies and can be downloaded easily.

To prepare 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders to prepare well for board exams, we offer here 10-year questions for a clever chapter. By solving the previous questions students will get an idea of ​​the question pattern and difficulty level.
Last year’s wise questions from Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 will help the reader to determine the weight of the marks found in each chapter.


Based on what the student can prepare for the exam, by preparing an important weighted chapter. Students should use these intelligent chapter questions to assess themselves and assess whether they are fully prepared for the board test or not. They should resolve the questions in the allotted time, which will help them manage their time during the final exam.

The Professional Teachers at collected last year’s smart questions and resolved them according to the CBSE marking system. Solutions to key questions are prepared in simple language, point by point and balanced answers to the test concept.

Science Term 2 Chapterwise Previous Year Question 

Chapter NameDownload
1. Chemical Reactions & EquationsClick Here
2. Acids Bases & SaltsClick Here
3. Metals & Non-metalsClick Here
4. Carbon & Its CompoundsClick Here
5. Periodic Classification Of ElementsClick Here
6. Life ProcessesClick Here
7. Control & CoordinationClick Here
8. How Do Organisms ReproduceClick Here
9. Heredity & EvolutionClick Here
10. Light Reflection & RefractionClick Here
11. Human Eye & Colourful WorldClick Here
12. ElectricityClick Here
13. Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current

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