Class 12 OP Malhotra Maths Solution ISC Board FREE Pdf Download 2023

OP Malhotra’s class, 12 Math solutions S. Chand’s, is one of the best reference books for ISC board students. All the questions are answered in a simple manner. The concepts are easily explained to help students grasp the idea easily. 

In this article, we’ll give you the solutions of OP Malhotra’s class 12 solutions of Mathematics. Therefore if you don’t want to miss out on those crucial notes, keep reading this article till the end. 

Class 12 OP Malhotra Maths Solution ISC Board FREE Pdf Download
Class 12 OP Malhotra Maths Solution ISC Board FREE Pdf Download
Weight1.83 kg
PublisherRavinder Singh & Sons
WriterO.P. Malhotra
Useful forClass 12
Type of bookGuide
LanguageEnglish Medium
Edition/Publication Year2022
No of Pages1282

All the notes will be in PDF format; therefore, you will have no difficulty downloading them. The OP Malhotra reference book is undoubtedly the best reference book to get your hands on.  

OP Malhotra Class 12 Solutions Pdf S. Chand’s ISC Board: Chapter list 

Let’s take a look at the content list of the OP Malhotra class 12 Mathematics solutions book. We have made a table. Against the name of each chapter, you will find the notes. 

Chapter NamePDF Links 
Section 1 
Relations Download
Functions Download 
Binary Operations Download 
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionDownload
Determinants Download
Matrics Page Download
Continuity and Differentiability of Functions  Download
Differentiation Download
Indeterminate Forms of Limit Download
Mean Value Theorems Download
Applications of DerivativesDownload
Maxima and MinimaDownload
Indefinite Integral- 1Download
Indefinite Integral- 2Download
Indefinite Integral- 3Download
Definite Integrals Download
Differential Equations Download
Probability PageDownload
Baye’s Theorem PageDownload
Theoretical Probability PageDownload
Section 2
Vectors Download
Vectors (Continue)Download
Three Dimensional Geometry Download
The PlaneDownload
Application of Integrals Download
Section 3
Application of Calculus in Commerce and Economics Download
Linear Regression Download
Linear Programming Download

The solutions given for every chapter are prepared by expert teachers in this field. You will find all the solutions easy to understand. The concepts have been explained easily so that you face no difficulty in reading them. 

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Some Tips and Tricks to Solve Class 12 Mathematics All Publications 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you solve the questions easily- 

  • Plan a routine of how you want to go ahead with the syllabus. You need to give time to each chapter so make sure the timetable is well planned. 
  • Read the concepts and definitions of particular chapters. You should be clear of the definitions; then, only you will be able to answer certain questions. 
  • Spend time on formulas to further gain accuracy in them. 
  • Pay attention to which formulas have been used for which type of sums. 
  • Practice all the sums from the exercise section. 
  • Also, solve the exercise from the example section of the book. 
  • Write all the formulas and paste them in front of your study table. It will help you remember them easily. 
  • Practice with model papers. They will help you a lot in excelling. 

Why Is Getting Your Hands on Pdf Notes Important? 

Nowadays, the digital mode of education has taken the front seat in the education system. Therefore having access to digital copies like PDFs is extremely crucial. With the PDFs, you can study anywhere you want. PDFs are also very easy to carry. All you need is your device where you can store these PDFs. is one of the trustworthy websites when it comes to online notes. We have been helping students with various notes, PDFs, books, and other study materials for quite some time. The PDF notes we have given here are also prepared by expert teachers; therefore, they will be of great help. 

You can easily download them. Additionally, everything has been explained in simple terms to help you even further. 


Hopefully, the OP Malhotra class 12 solutions in this article were useful to you. If you work hard and stay consistent, you’ll be able to learn the whole syllabus easily. Further, our notes are there to help you secure good marks in exams. If you have any kind of doubt, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. We’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible. 

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