How to score 90+ in boards? | Best tips for CBSE 10th & 12? 

I’m here to provide you with the best tips to study and manage your time effectively for both so let’s start with subject-wise strategy of so starting up with mathematics which is a complete burden over most of you so for mathematics standard you have to just go through the ncert book and you can purchase an extra book like Rd Sharma for more extensive practice so basically

I just used Rd Sharma and I didn’t do all the question and even you don’t need to do that
there are particular questions which have the subheadings of like in previous boards and ncert example so you just need to do those questions and as far as mathematics basic is concerned so you just need to go through

the ncert and the most important thing is
that you have to solve the sample paper with

timer so that you can track your record especially
in mathematics and the next up is science

and for science ncert is the king so you just
need to go through the NCERT and understand

the concepts and just do the back exercises
properly and you will be good to go for giving

science exam and of course practicing diagram
and labeling them properly is very very important

so nextly we have a social science and of
course ncert and ncert is the only key to

crack social science exam so you just have
to memorize all the details and for history

I can only recommend you to memorize them
in a chronological order for better memorizing

and maps of course is very very important
and you need to you need to practice them

thoroughly and also the side boxes which are
given in the corner of each page and the and

the headings of the pictures which are given
are very very important the questions can

be asked from there also so you should be
thorough with that also so next up is English

and Hindi which are I guess the easiest subject
and for literature you can just go with the

reading of the chapters in ncert and for Grammar
and Writing you can just pick up exercises

from internet to practice more and practice
using of sample paper for each subject is

very very very important super important and
also I would recommend you to set up a timer

when you practice sample paper so that you
can manage your time properly in both which

is the main reason why most of the people
are not able to score properly in boards so

I would specially recommend that starting
up with the other tips making a proper study schedule can help you a lot so you must know
your weak areas and your strong areas give more time to those subjects which are difficult
for you and taking breaks between study session is very very important and that can help you
to focus really better and the most important

part is to take rest please please take rest
properly stress fear and anxiety can literally

affect your preparation and performance in
board exam really badly so keep your mind

relaxed and take proper sleep motivate yourself
because you are the only one who can motivate

himself or herself and self-motivation is
the best motivation every day when you wake

up and when you think you cannot do something
always say I can and I will do it lastly your

presentation how you present your answers
and your knowledge on paper will help you

to score much much better so knowledge with
presentation is very very important in board

exams so with this we come to an end of our
video hopefully these steps will help you

somehow aside from these make sure to eat
healthy don’t take too much stress and rest

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